What The F# Is MSP?

What The F# Is MSP?

It’s like playing with Mommy’s old paper dolls, only better! And Nanny doesn’t even have to worry anymore about that mess of paper and crayons including the cut-outs from your parents’ prized stack of glossy magazines. It’s a 3D animation and it’s your own directed movie starring YOU.

The whole idea about the game is to create a Star avatar that is supposed to represent you. Your mission is to propel your selfsame Prima Donna to the highest limelight that will push all the other prospective Stars to the background. You are able to accomplish this by creating movies about your Star, with the guest appearances of other available avatars in the site or you could use your friend players’ Stars. You create their situations and lines in the very same way that we do ad libs in fairy tale stories, only that this is your original story.

With the manipulation of some buttons, you could program the appearances and exits of characters and the lines that they will say in a similar way that we do a PPT presentation. Then, you send your movies to your MSP friend players. You could make friends with other MSP members whom you do not know since you are only allowed to be identified by usernames. Your friends like your movies and you like theirs. You gain Star coins and Fame credits when you do that. Apart from that, you chat in chat rooms and play a variety of games and quizzes that would add more Star coins, which would enable you to buy more fashionable clothes for your Star, plus other delightful appliqués.

But how do they make the dough?

The most exciting feature is gaining the privilege of becoming VIP. In the original MSP, the VIP status is bought by real money via credit or phone plans. The VIP account would mean that you have additional games to play, divisions of private and public chat rooms, more movies and animations, which again would be your capital to earn more Fame points for your Star. The VIP subscription comes in three levels: the normal VIP level which costs between $3.99 to $59.99, the Super VIP level which costs from $4.99 to $67.99, and the highest level, the Elite VIP, which costs about $9.99 to $79.99. The lower two will grant you more wealth in terms of Diamonds and Star coins but the Elite VIP will entitle you to a whole lot of free items such as exclusive shopping items and more autographs to sign.

Parents worry about their kids getting hooked on their gadgets because of MSP. Some educators might even frown at the prospect of life turning into showbiz for children. The comments are endless and the bottomline is that kids enjoy it. If you can’t lick them, join them, even if it’s just to supervise what they’re enjoying. Life is long and dreams are too lofty but one becomes a child only once.

Kids want MSP VIP so bad that they use tools like an MSP Vip Hack (click the link for an example) to generate their stardust and diamonds. If this is the right option, I don’t know. I don’t feel like those kinds of website are safe anyway.


Moviestarplanet is a fun, web-based game for a younger audience. It provides countless hours of fun for the players, and millions of dollars (for fun)
For the creators of the game. A win-win situation I would say.. Except for the parents of the players, that is.

Website of the game: http://moviestarplanet.com
Based out of: Copenhagen
Current amount of Employees: 130

Last updated: 26th of June 2017

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