Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Welcome to Prorch. Originally we started as a school project, but turned out to be a great passion.

We love internet marketing and everything around it. In our free time we used to analyze upcoming trends, Apps,
Platforms, websites and so forth. Basically, Google Trends was our best friend for years.

We are Prorch.com

Now we decided to share those insights with our audience. Recently we re branded the website and decided to
Start off fresh. A new logo, new layout and brand new articles coming up.

We will be focusing on a lot of subjects, including:

  • Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Digital Media Production (YouTube, Online Shows)
  • Online Influencers
  • Upcoming Apps
  • Internet Marketing Casestudies

And much much more! Please stay tuned, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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