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I Bought Instagram Followers From Skweezer

I Bought Instagram Followers From Skweezer

You guys know that I’m into social media marketing, and I have done a review on different Instagram follower shops before. The last one I did was in 2017, it seemed to be popular and so I’m doing it again this year for the website

Buying followers on Instagram is a controversial method of growing your social media presence, but it’s here and it’s here to stay. With numerous sellers out there, it is important to buy from the right one as there are lots of providers out there that simply don’t deliver on their promises. Skweezer is not like that, in fact, I am very happy with their service.

To test things out I ordered the 5000 followers package for my account @fashionistadose (I’m doing a case-study on how I grew this account to over 100K followers, and some part of it includes buying followers. More on that later).

Skweezer Pricing Page

The pricing isn’t great, as there are much cheaper services out there, but I can guess why that is. The problem with most services is that the followers look really fake. Fake as in: no profile picture, no biography, no uploaded posts. This wasn’t the case with the followers I received from Skweezer, and I understand that there’s a premium to be paid for that.

Gradual Delivery

The checkout process was very convincing as it offered me some nice extra’s that other providers don’t usually offer. For example, I could choose to have my followers delivered gradually at no extra cost. This helps, because getting 5K followers in one minute seems very unnatural. I chose for 500 followers per day.

The delivery was good, I received the first 500 followers pretty much right after ordering. They came in gradually, so I didn’t get them all at once. I’d say I got them at a rate of about 25 followers per minute. Which for me was still a bit too fast. I think they should lower this even more, and adjust this for the larger packages (else it would go too slow).

Skweezer Support

I’m not sure how the support is, as I have had nothing to email about yet.

All in all I was satisfied with how the process went, and I decided to order 50K more, this can be ordered on a page that isn’t directly visible to anyone (not sure why they would do this), but I’ll share it here for your convenience:¬†

I do recommend this service, and rate it 5 out of 5 stars. If you have any experience with Skweezer, and want to share it, please comment below! (Kindly like to ask you to refrain from spam comments, as I had to delete over 4000 spam comments on the previous post)

How I Paid For Real Instagram Followers

How I Paid For Real Instagram Followers

Instagram is a platform on which every business should be active. It’s a great platform to connect with your target audience, by leveraging great tools like hashtags and Instagram’s suggested users and content.

If you have a large following on Instagram, you have the same effect as having a huge mailing list. This is why many businesses and brands spend a lot of money on optimizing their Instagram profile.

Today I want to talk about growth hacking. Which is basically another term for ‘Fake it ’till you make it.’

Let’s look at an example here. You have just started a fitness blog. You post motivational quotes, fitness and nutrition tips, and workout videos. There’s great commercial potential in having a huge fitness following.

You could get sponsored by fitness brands (protein, fitness gear, supplements) and there’s a lot of money to be made once you have thousands of followers. However, you don’t have thousands of followers; you have 100 followers.

Now imagine a potential new follower visiting your Instagram profile. They would be way more likely to follow you if you already have a large following. Because this gives your page an authority look.

This is the exact reason why people buy Instagram followers. It doesn’t matter whether these followers are interested in your profile or not; it’s just about raising the number.

Recently I found out about, and they offer these kinds of services. Of course, there are many providers out there, but these guys take it a step further.

buyigviews website

Not only do you get followers to your account, but you will also get automatic Instagram likes on posts (photos/videos) you upload as well. Plus, all the followers are real accounts, so Instagram has no way of deleting them.

So I went ahead and purchased the ‘Medium Viral Package.’ This comes with 1,000 Real Followers and 250 likes on the next 30 posts I upload for $40. Sounds promising. At the order form, I’m also able to specify how I want the followers to be delivered: Instantly or gradually.


I choose for gradually, 25 followers per day until the 1,000 in total have been sent.

I purchase the package via PayPal and get an order confirmation right after. Within 5 minutes the first batch of followers starts dripping in, and I must say that I’m impressed.


These are real people following me! Sure, they’re not interested in my content and only follow me because I just paid $40, but it looked great.

I didn’t have high expectations, which probably helped – but I’m genuinely impressed by the outcome.

Now, this type of marketing is not really my thing, so I’ll leave it with just testing it out. I’m curious what you think about this type of marketing? Let me know!

Edit: It now seems like BuyIGViews has also introduced a new website of theirs to buy Instagram followers instantly.